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With KVM Doctor, you can launch a VPS in a choice of 8 strategically located datacenters around the world instantly and have your content closer to where you need it to be. The Doc has the cure for whatever you may be in need of.
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Support is the backbone of our operations and what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are available when you need us. Live chat is also available in our client area for those who like an immediate support response.
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They say you get what you paid for. At HostDoc, we like to give more. You'll be hard pressed to match our performance at our price range and the attention to detail with every response in our support tickets. The Doctor will see you now!
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Hosting Fit For Your Business Need's

HostDoc utilise nothing but Enterprise hardware for our shared and reseller servers.

Shared Hosting Mini
6.50 /yr
  • 1GB NVMe SSD Disk Storage
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Hosted Domains
  • 1 Mailbox
  • 1 MySQL Database
Reseller Hosting Mini
12.99 /yr
  • 10GB HDD Disk
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • 10 cpanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Free AutoSSL
Prices Exclusive Of 20% VAT
Reseller RARE
16.00 /yr
  • 20GB HDD Storage
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cpanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Free AutoSSL

Brian Shaw

California, United States
Pleasantly suprised. Needed another host for my new site as did not want to continue with the host of my other site. Approached them in Live chat and bombarded them with many questions all of which were answered to satisfaction. After much more talking, they agreed to set me up on their enterprise plan for the price of the e-commerce plan, and the cherry on top was that I was not forced to pay annual in advance. Currently still paying monthly and have had no problems and no reason (yet) to contact support. Other than a slight outage upon registering, their uptime has been 100% since. They also set up a free 3 month comodo ssl for me and I will definately purchase the renewal at the end of the trial as the price is incredibly cheap. Overall, I am very happy and have already discussed with them to migrate my other site to their platform which they have informed me will be free with minimum downtime which I need as constant traffic goes to that site.

James Flynn

Leeds, United Kingdom
Signed up in January and have had nothing but a pleasurable experience. They eventually released their VPS range and invited customers to try free. I have many VPS and jumped at the offer. Great service, excellent performance and support is always available. They once migrated servers with no downtime or customer intervention?? Wow. Only reason for 4 stars is the fact that maybe once every 2 months we experience a 2-10 minute downtime.

Nicola B

United Kingdom
A few might take my constant need for help as a stress or worth a fee. I am currently on the free plan with hostdoc which has limited support but you would not guess that. I request support 5-10 times a day as I am still learning wordpress and every now and then, my site stops working or I have an unknown error which I do not know where to begin searching for a fix so I always contact support. And each and every time, they has resolved by issue either by teaching me what to do or taking over and doing it for me which is much easier. Overall, great service, even for free customers, AND, I have every intention of upgrading soon. Nic.

Gopala Krishnan

I have taken Shared hosting account from HostDoc with NVMe, DDR 4 RAM and fast CPU. They have given 2 GB RAM for the Wordpress, it was working very fast and consistent with performance. They support staff and chat service is top quality, respond to tickets fast and reliable manner, they know their stuff. They also migrated my Wordpress hosting from other provider to HostDoc, helped me in every aspect without loosing data, site. At the end, my site is performance 4-5 times faster than older host, I am more than happy with HostDoc.After I add total cache, CDN, the site received 90% score in Google site speed score. I am happy with their backup solutions as well, every day site backup, every week offsite backup, you can have custom backup solutions as well.

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