Server Status

View Our Uptime as well as node health stats on demand

Unlike other hosts, we proudly display our IO Wait, CPU load and uptime in our bid for full transparency to our clients as well as a way of proving we do not oversell like the masses do.
Alternatively, can be used as a troubleshooting tool to diagnose issues BEFORE contacting support.

Is Your Host Transparent?

Many hosts will hide their status details from their clients because they do not want their clients to see the level at which they overfill their nodes.
We do not oversell and are happy to prove it.

We Announce Our System Stats

Good or bad, it is your right as a paying client to know the health of the host your VM resides on rather than being left in the dark for hours awaiting a ticket response.
Here at HostDoc, we overcome that by proudly being a transparent host who is more than willing to announce loudly that "The Doctor Does Not Oversell".
Does your host do that?

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